When it comes to eCommerce, we think about growth. We build consumer experiences and support digital campaigns to help increase sales through direct distribution.

Build your own marketplace application where you can profitably sell or buy any product. Create your own community and get in touch with sellers and buyers.

What is E-Commerce ?

E-Commerce is a website where a single vendor sells his products/services to multiple customers. As the website belongs to the vendor, there are only two parties involved in the sale process – the seller and the buyer.

What is Marketplace?

A marketplace is a website where the products offered come from multiple sellers. The variety of assortment a marketplace offers is exactly what attracts customers – just like a shopping mall does in real-life.

What is the difference between

The main difference between E-commerce and Marketplace depends on what are u selling. An E-Commerce, you are creating it from scratch, giving you the ability to do whatever you want and choosing the design, the shipping providers, selecting the products you want to highlight on the homepage, etc. but you’ll need to put in serious effort to ramp up traffic and drive sales. In Marketplace, you will able to have huge traffic and millions of visitors and a lot of competitors.

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