Teknologi Maklumat

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Near Field Communication (NFC)

Redefine your networking game with our cutting-edge NFC cards. These digital marvels not only replace traditional business cards but also effortlessly transfer contact information, social profiles, and even portfolio snippets with just a tap. Elevate your professional connections to a whole new level.


Custom Design Website

Step into the digital spotlight with our custom website design services. Beyond aesthetics, we craft websites that serve as dynamic hubs for your brand.

From seamless e-commerce integration to captivating visual storytelling, we transform your online presence into a captivating user experience.


WhatsApp Marketing System

Supercharge your client engagement with our WhatsApp marketing system. Imagine a tool that not only schedules messages but also allows you to broadcast updates, promotions, and notifications efficiently.

Stay connected, stay relevant, effortlessly.


Koperasi System

Experience the simplicity of cooperative management with our Koperasi System. We go beyond record-keeping; we empower you to efficiently manage member information, streamline share collections, and calculate dividends with precision. Your cooperative journey just got a whole lot smoother.


Point of Sales QR Ordering System

Revolutionize your F&B services with our Point of Sales QR Ordering System. This isn't just about reducing manpower costs; it's about enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Your patrons can now experience a seamless ordering process, thanks to our intuitive and swift system.

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